Breathwork in Water: coming alive…

In this 3 minute video, Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives a demonstration of breathwork in water. The water tends to increase both the feeling of complete support and sensate intensity often helping the breather to rewrite their fear based birth conclusions. In this brief clip, the breather uses the water to increase safety being in her body, comfort with strong expression and pleasurable connection with others.

See Here for the full 90 minute video.

Breathing with an Energetic Grounded male

Jim Morningstar,PhD. demonstrates breathwork with a man with an Energetic Grounded Body Theme.The fear based response of the EG theme is to be competitive and do it all perfectly, but not to surrender to loving feelings. The EG male especially needs strong stimulation to feel and often engages in high risk activities to feel alive. He is able to soften his defenses, engage in more relaxed breathing, open to vulnerable feelings, and envision himself using his breathing and visualization when anxiety builds in the future. This helps release his fear base and integrate the strengths of being both successful in the world and able to surrender to a long term loving relationship. For a 90 minute training video on Therapeutic Breathwork and Body Themes and for information on breathwork training click below.

Breathwork with the Gender Balanced Theme

Jim Morningstar, Phd, gives an introduction to the challenges and the strengths of those who have incorporated a Gender Balanced Body Theme early in their life. He demonstrates how Breathwork can help reduce their fear based limiting patterns and strengthen the balancing of male/female characteristics in their life. For more information on Therapeutic Breathwork and Body Themes: Click below for a 90 minute training video or our Breathwork Trainings.

Maintaining Faith in the Process of Change

even in the midst of chaos or loss. The transcendent view of life as a process is the basis for recommending that we allow the body the freedom to do what it does best. This view allows us the healing attitude of compassion as we examine and reassess every aspect of our lives. Realizing that we are in process lets us relax with mistakes, enjoy the paradoxes which life proposes to us every day, and give ourselves permission to be just who and what we are at the moment. In this excerpt from Life InWellness Series Class #12: Transcending, Jim Morningstar shares how trust in the process of change can transform each moment of our life and open us to untold wonder and adventure. Click below for the complete class on Transcending (52 min. for $9) or the 12 Class Life InWellness Series.