Increase Your Personal Effectiveness with Maintenance Breathing: Live Demonstration

In this excerpt from his Personal Effectiveness Principles Class #5, Jim morningstar shares one of the most useful tools combined with newly evolved discoveries he has learned which has been passed down through the generations for jump starting a stalled human system. Every major spiritual tradition as well as successful athletic training, mental coaching and emotional therapy have one thing in common in the process of maintaining self-improvement – breath awareness and breath training. It is more than a metaphor for our connection to Source. It brings us back to the Source of Life. In many languages the very word for breath and spirit are the same. For Information:

Access Right Brain Healing: Body Trip Exercise

This is a body exploratory trip that you can use to investigate areas of your body with the right brain differently than your logical left brain could and at times will go more directly to healing than reasoning will take us. Research with these types of techniques over the years have demonstrated that our right brains can access healing energies that no outside agencies have been able to garner and to produce results that defy logic, e.g., jumpstart our autoimmune system. All it takes is your willingness to participate and let go into it as best you can.
Join Jim Morningstar in one of the exercises from Being and Living the Love You Are, a nine month journey you can take with Jim.