The Complete Breath Demonstration

Jim Morningstar shares the four steps of The Complete Breath exercise for physiological well being, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual refreshment and guidance. Each step demonstrated is noted for its uses and benefits. It can bring you to centering, peace and greater resourcefulness in as little as two minutes or can be extended to a 30 minute meditation.

Spirituality and Politics: your vote is called for

Jim Morningstar shares how as spiritual and political beings, we need to exercise both qualities to truly safeguard the rights of individuals and the welfare of the group. Each of us has a part to play in the growth of our local and global communities by holding spiritual principles as we debate and vote politically. This is a vote for the survival and evolution of humanity and your vote is critical.

The Five Steps of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is love in action as we face challenges that relationships present to us for our growth.” Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares the five steps of forgiveness that combine head and heart intelligence, giving us a powerful tool in getting our energies unstuck and our life open to love. If you are having difficulty in letting go of an incident or forgiving someone, check out which step on which you may be hung up. Also check into the online School of Integrative Psychology for courses that give you skills for greater effectiveness and joy in your life – Jim Morningstar

Meditation for Inner Peace Which Spreads to Our World

I invite you to join me in a brief meditation for inner peace which we will extend to our world. Each of us has a role to play in world peace that begins with finding the heart of our own peace. We use breath, loving intention and visualization to experience the primacy of Love over all forms of fear, discord and confusion. The effects of our inner work have a profound and necessary result in bringing the energies of the world into harmony. This is an easy and profound exercise that is recommended to do every day wherever you are. – Jim Morningstar