Restoring your peace in four minutes

This 4 minute meditation will put you in touch with your inner smile and create the tone of self acceptance throughout your day. Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares a way to reset your attitude when you begin to feel out of sorts or are struggling to cope with the stress of work or dealing with relationships outside of work – a frequent challenge of holiday time when expectations are high.

Core Seminar 3: Communication: Pitfalls and Clearing

Core Seminar 3: Communication: Pitfalls and Clearingby Jim Morningstar, PhD

Some of the most clear and effective theories and practices are presented here:
Seminar 1: Goals/Personal Time Study
Seminar 2: Family Systems Study and Application
Seminar 3: Communication: Pitfalls and Clearing
Seminar 4: Therapeutic Breathwork Introduction
Seminar 5: Levels of Existence and Spiral Dynamics
In Seminar #3 the student will learn:
How to recognize “Risky Rascals,” those commonly used messages that purport to help, but which enmesh communicators emotional systems. This is a is key to assisting self and others to increase clarity and effectiveness. Recognizing communication styles and redirecting ineffective styles is the second goal of this seminar. Course Objectives:
*Identify solution messages, put downs and avoidances,
*Know four healthy communication options,
*Give steps of open alternative to four ineffective communication styles.
CE credits available:

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What is Holistic Counseling?

This is an excerpt from an Introduction to Holistic Counseling, in which Jim Morningstar,PhD, gives three characteristics of the systems approach which distinguish it from more traditional forms of counseling. This paradigm shift is influencing our views of all the healing arts. How do you incorporate this way of dealing with relationships in your life?

How to have family be a model of healthy relationships

Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents how to grow as an individual while retaining vital emotional connections in your family. Emotional enmeshment or separation are not your only two choices. Family relationships can become a model for strong successful relationships in your world.

Family Systems Study and Application
Students will get a foundational understanding of the theory and practice of Family Systems Therapy. Concepts of individuation, triangling, family secrets, multigenerational projection process and others will be explored. Methods for examining students’ personal patterns will be presented and their influence on their life and work will be demonstrated. This study is based upon the the research and practice of Murray Bowen, known as the grandfather of family systems theory and treatment.
Course Objectives:
*Be conversant with key family systems concepts,
*Identify three dysfunctional family patterns,
*Have awareness of effect of personal family roles and secrets,
*Know basics of evaluating and treating a family system.

Your Two Pillars of Wellness

Self-responsibility and love are primary expressions of life energy. Together, they form the supporting pillars of wellness, and encourage the free flow of all other types of energy.
Self-Responsibility means: taking active steps to knowing and getting what you want (yang or active principle of life).
Love means: accepting and caring for yourself as you are connected to all life (yin receptive principle of life).
With love and self-responsibility as the foundations of our being, living and wellness are synonymous. Each of us must find our optimal balance between taking charge/making changes and learning to adapt/go with the flow.

Life in Wellness Series (Class 1): Self-responsibility and LoveLife InWellness Series Classes 1-12