Earth Elemental Exercise: A Free Demonstration

Join Jim Morningstar in one of the exercises the Daoists have devised over several thousand years directed to helping bodies balance their 5 elements for health and wellbeing. These exercises develop balance and flow through the facial system more than building muscle mass and strength. It is about stretching the facia and moving energy through it and consciously opening the flow between heaven and earth, which is our role as human beings. If curious about the other elemental exercises you can refer to Damo Mitchell’s text, Heavenly Streams, from which this exercise came. I recommend that you find a way to stand, watch the video clip and do the exercises with me as I demonstrate. This is one of the exercises taken from Being and Living the Love You Are, a nine month journey you can take with Jim.

Is Your Sensitivity a Blessing or a Curse?

In a world of fear for their safety or become great contributors to our world with their artistry. In this clip from his training video, Jim Morningstar, PhD, explains how many individuals from birth, or even before, develop neurological and psychological patterns that can influence all of their life either negatively or positively. Therapeutic Breathwork can be of great assistance in helping shape the difference.

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