Jeremy Youst shares the qualities of a great practitioner

Jeremy Youst, Director of the Power of the Breath Institute, shares about the qualities of a great practitioner in breathwork or any of the healing arts. These are the traits which characterize one who stands out as a caregiver that effectively empowers others to embody their highest selves while continuing to evolve and discover themselves. Enjoy Jeremy’s 3:40 minute presentation and join him and Jim Morningstar in the Return to the Elements this July 12-14.

Breathing with the Gender Balanced Body Theme

Jim Morningstar, PhD, an originator of Therapeutic Breathwork, introduces breathwork with the Gender Balanced Theme, showing one of the six major breathing patterns seen in our world today. When frozen in gender confusion, this pattern has an unbalanced breathing rhythm that interferes with a more free form of expression and fulfillment of their full life potential. Jim explains the typical origins of this pattern and the breathwork goals to liberating it. For more information on Body Themes and Breathwork Training:

Exercises for the Brain Heart Connection

Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives a 14 minute primer on the brain heart connection and how improving it can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your daily life. He leads you through a four minute coherent breathing exercise to bring your emotional and mental energies into harmony. Enjoy this revitalizing vacation from your stress and put it into your daily routine. This exercise is an excerpt from the 7th Life InWellness Class: Thinking, which is part of the 12 class Life InWellness Series.

Spiral Dynamics: Levels of Existence and the Theory of Everything

Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives an introduction to one of the most comprehensive overviews of human consciousness evolution that has had direct application to education, politics, business and the growth of personal values. It has been dubbed “The Theory of Everything.” From its conception in the 1950’s through world wide cross cultural studies, this tool has helped predict the stages of development that individuals and groups of people have gone through and continue to evolve into.

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