An introduction to healing lifelong holding patterns.

This 5 minute video is an Introduction to the Breathwork and Body Themes Training Video by Jim Morningstar, Phd., Director of the Transformations Breathwork Training Program. Jim demonstrates the use of release and integrating techniques with clients portraying six major body themes during a therapeutic breathwork session. The full 90 minute video explains the neuroscience and developmental formation of these themes during the first six years of life as well as shows examples of how therapeutic breathwork can assist healing and integration. It is an invaluable asset to assisting change in lifelong holding patterns – available now for $17.

Inspirational Leader themes: fear based or integrated?

In this 4 minute video, Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives an introduction to the third of six developmental body themes, the Inspirational Leader, and demonstrates techniques he uses during a therapeutic breathwork session to facilitate release of holding patterns associated with this theme. When bound with fear, those with this theme can be dominating and/or seductive. When integrated and breathing fully and easily, they are not afraid of their vulnerability and can truly be inspirational in leading from their heart. See below for the full 90 minute video.

Affirmations: giving yourself a mental makeover

Affirmations: Giving Yourself a Mental Makeover gives precise information on using one of the most powerful tools for changing your way of thinking to be more effective and satisfying. Building on PEP Class #2: The Analysis Game in which subconscious “shadow” beliefs are uncovered, Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives the technique for transforming these negative beliefs into positive tools for your mental makeover:

Laws of the Mind

Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents basic principles of how the mind works as part of the Personal Effectiveness Principles course in the School of Integrative Psychology. Mind mastery is essential to creating a life of joy and satisfaction, but few people have had any training in how to change old limiting thought patterns into a more effective life affirming outlook. This is a start.