Personal Effectiveness Principles with Jim Morningstar, PhD

The Personal Effectiveness Principles is a series of eight two hour classes enabling participants to gain
clarity about their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and success in utilizing the resources of their community. Class members learn and practice:
– principles for thinking clearly, acting passionately and responsibly and obtaining fulfilling results in their unique way,
– how to help create an environment that will sustain ongoing positive life changes for themselves and others.

Two types of breathing that can change your life

the first allows you to calm and nurture yourself throughout the day in dealing with the challenges of everyday existence. I call this “maintenance breathing.” The second type of breathing brings you back to being centered and resourceful when under high stress or even crisis. This is called “therapeutic breathwork.” Both can be learned and practiced by anyone.

The significance of your birth on your life is astounding

Breathing in the water with Therapeutic Breathwork helps support the release of birth related trauma as well as other tensions that limit the freedom of our life expression and fulfillment. This video clip shows a courageous woman engaging in a wet breathwork. She uses the support of a safe environment, her breath and the water to heal and nourish her body and regain trust in her relationships.

There is a ceremony that brings unity…

to all the diversity and opposition amongst the peoples of the earth. The Native American sacred pipe commemorates the oneness of all inhabitants of this planet. Using the elements of nature, the power of the human spirit and the support of those who have gone before us, the pipe ceremony is a powerful initiation into traditions that speak to us on a soul level.