Experience Immersion in Unconditional Love Now

Jim Morningstar shares a 4 minute meditation on experiencing unconditional love from Ram Dass which is part of “Being and Living the Love You Are – Class #1.” Feel how the deep sense of your being as love changes your experience of daily life. This nine class series provides the information and exercises to immerse yourself in the medium of Love and change uplift your consciousness permanently. This and many other tools are offered in the 9 class video course Being and Living the Love You Are beginning January 30.

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Divine Child Meditation

Jim Morningstar shares a 4 minute meditation from Glenda Green in
The Keys of Joshua. Experience that holy part of yourself that lives in freedom and innocence. Have it become a resource to help you remember you are much more than your wounds or your “story” about yourself. Our hearts respond to the truth of this connection and empowers us when we need it most. This and many other tools are offered in the 9 class video course Being and Living the Love You Are beginning January 30. info@transformationsusa.com

An Invitation to Being and Living the Love You Are~2017

Join Jim Morningstar in a meditation to open your being to living in love,
to let your fears melt in the radiance and warmth of pure compassion for all life as sacred, to let your mind be transfixed by the essence of pure light to reflect the truth and beauty in all, to let your heart surrender to your Beloved who holds you in the arms of unconditional acceptance and trust, and to be infused with the passion of love’s most powerful calling back to the Home that restores your wholeness and dissolves all illusion of separation or lack. You can join Jim on a nine month journey in the spirit of love to transform your experience of life.

Incorporating Breathwork Into Your Lifework #1

Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of the Transformations Breathwork Training Program, has been using breath awareness and breath modification techniques successfully with counseling and therapy clients since the 1970’s. He shares some of what he has found most useful about incorporating Breathwork into your lifework.
Breathing is a vital function common to us all and it is particularly instrumental in facilitating work with our clients. First in establishing rapport with them. Second in helping our clients truly take in what we have to offer them most effectively. And third as a tool for self regulation they can begin using after your first session with them.

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Preparing for Your Next Stage of Life in the New Year

How can you prepare for the next stage of your life in the New Year to make what you manifest more easy and fulfilling? Jim Morningstar addresses this question from both the material and spiritual perspectives in excerpts from a nine session course he taught and recorded. He leads you through practical exercises for skill building, preparing you for greater awareness and mastery in the next stage of your life.

The Gift of Love for 2017 is Yours

We are the Love we have all been waiting for. And it takes some courage and perseverance to uncover the depths of our core love and let it blossom in our lives.
First of all it takes a conscious decision to break out of the trance of our routine thoughts and feeling states, go through a transformation in our belief systems and practice, practice, daily practice. Community support is invaluable and a healthy sense of humor a great asset. It can be done this year. Give yourself the gift that truly never stops giving.

Breathwork’s Doorway to the Greater Self

Ancient Tradition has it that the Transcendent created humans by breathing life into mud. Many people today are rediscovering this primal creative breath and in so doing opening the door to an astounding experience of Greater Self. Breathwork not only opens this door, but also becomes a self-guided tool for daily centering and creativity. Learn how you can open this doorway for yourself.

Being and Living the Love You Are

Love is the all pervasive substance that holds the universe as One. It is not a sentimental emotion, a sensual feeling or a tool to manipulate relationships. To experience love as the ground of your being and to live from this foundation is to transform every moment of your existence into higher awareness. Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares from his experience in his lifelong spiritual quest, his service as a clinical psychologist and his teaching as Director of the School of Integrative Psychology.

Understanding and Accessing Spiritual Guides

Jim Morningstar presents his views and experience with finding and using guidance in ways that are empowering and purposeful. There are both masculine and feminine approaches to guides. Being conversant with both can lead to walking the road of life with balance and elegance. We all choose figures in our life that are inspirational to us. How can we wisely differentiate what keeps us on the path to Source and what is distracting. Jim gives some guidelines for this as well as resources for further progress.