Breathwork and Healing Trauma now online

The aim of this online Breathwork Training Module is to elucidate the role that trauma plays in our development on all levels and the importance of the use of breathwork in healing the effects of trauma, as well as to engage in exercises and learn techniques which can safely and effectively be employed when working with trauma in a healing session to assist in integrating clarity and passion into one’s life.

Course topics include:
Definition of Trauma
Causes of trauma
Specific symptoms
Biological nature of trauma and Mindfulness
Breathwork and Healing Trauma
Thirteen tools to use in conjunction with Breathork
Spirituality and Trauma Healing
Basic Treatment Principles
Compassion Fatigue

Jim Morningstar, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has worked with healing trauma using therapeutic breathwork for 35 years and has compiled the latest research from the field of neurobiology and contemporary clinical practice into this 4 hour audio course, complete with interactive exercises and tested techniques.
This course is suitable for all who deal with healing trauma.
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