Tai Chi Push Hands Play with Masters

Tai Chi has been an anchoring practice in my life since the early 1970’s for physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual opening. Once a student has learned the principles of tai chi sufficiently, they may be applied in various forms of partner work. In the accompanying video the sport of “push hands” is demonstrated by several master teachers in the lineage from which I learned. Tai Chi is an internal art that does not rely on muscular strength, but rather relaxing and directing energy through the the body’s fascial system. The discipline can be learned by anyone. It provides limitless layers of depth and awareness through which one can progress

Restoring your peace in four minutes

This 4 minute meditation will put you in touch with your inner smile and create the tone of self acceptance throughout your day. Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares a way to reset your attitude when you begin to feel out of sorts or are struggling to cope with the stress of work or dealing with relationships outside of work – a frequent challenge of holiday time when expectations are high.