Two Tools to Change your Mind and Your Life

With the Analysis Game you can discover the contents of your subconscious that interfere with achieving your goals. With the 4 “P’s” of Affirmations you can change these programs to support your total success. Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of InWellness and Transformations offers these tools for change in this excerpt from LIWS Class #7: Thinking. For the full class or the 12 class Life InWellness Series, see below.

LIWS Class #7LIWS Classes #1-12

Introduction to Ethics and Sexuality in Non-Ordinary States of Breathwork.

Jim Morningstar, PhD, Introduces Ethics and Sexuality in Non-Ordinary States during Breathwork Training. The ethics of professional breathwork involves knowing and embodying the principles of safe and effective practice. This includes an ability to navigate and guide clients in a non-ordinary states of consciousness. In the full online Breathworker Training Module #8: Ethics in Breathwork, exercises and practice are provided to heighten awareness of one’s own issues and challenges and options for responsibly handling them from an integrative perspective.

Taiji Warm ups, standing and song gongs

Jim Morningstar demonstrates a series of Taiji Warm up exercises, standing postures and song gongs (energy moving exercises) that he has learned as a student of this comprehensive form of Self care. These particular exercises are taught through by Sifu Adam Mizner. As a student of Tai Chi since the early 1970’s, I have found the daily practice to be centering, strengthening and enlivening to my body, mind and spirit. It affords the opportunity to go as deep and as far in mastery as the student is willing to pursue. For Jim Morningstar’s Worldwide Learning Community: