Balance Your Brain and Your Body with this Simple…

Balance your brain and your body with this simple exercise that takes three minutes or less. It has been employed by yogis for thousands of years and is just as effective today. It’s called Alternate Nostril Breathing. The accompanying recording by Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives exact instructions on how to harmonize both sides of your brain and bring you to a calm centered state.

Native American ceremony and healing

The Lakota term for sweat lodge is
Inipi which means ‘to live again’. Inipi is a purification rite and is necessary in order to help the vision quest seeker enter into a state of humility and to undergo a kind of spiritual rebirth.The sweat lodge is central to Inipi. Prayers offered there draw on all the powers of the universe – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In the old days, Inipi was done before any major undertaking to purify the body and gain strength and power.

Learn more at the Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center

The Pelvic Rock exercise relieves lower back pain

The pelvic rock exercise relieves lower back pain and creates a pleasurable and relaxing flow of energy between the upper and lower body. It also unblocks stuck places in the pelvic area and generates an sense of well being, wholeness and joy. Jim Morningstar, PhD, demonstrates this simple exercise that anyone can do. It is one of dozens of energizing exercises in the Body Aliveness Series.

How your body themes can run your life

In this interview with Jim Morningstar, how your personal body themes effect every aspect of your daily life including how you breathe is explored. Also included:
  • Breathwork as it relates to issues like: safety, abundance, control, expression, sexuality, and intimacy.
  • New insights for your own personal development and breathwork process and journey, and/or for professional practice with clients.
  • The connections between certain body themes and their related breathing patterns
  • Shared newly evolved techniques to release cognitive and emotional blockages