Awareness and Mastery of Your Energy Bodies

Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares a breathing and energy moving exercise he does to increase awareness and mastery of the energy fields or “bodies” that surround the physical body. This work has been used to increase sensitivity to the human energies that science is now measuring around our physical organism that and healers have traditionally used in their work. This is an excerpt from Jim Morningstar’s Being and Living the Love You Are now online.

Communicating Our Feelings With Love

Jim Morningstar shares information and guidance from his work with couples for over 40 years. Ninety percent of misunderstandings between people come from uncommunicated and misinterpreted feelings. Jim shares a couples communication exercise that cuts to the chase, employing both EQ and IQ. Even if you do not succeed in getting a partner to engage in this with you, you can use it to get past stuck places within yourself. This and many other insights and tools are offered in the 9 class video course
Being and Living the Love You Are now online.