Three Free Breathing Techniques to Jumpstart Your Life and Work

Jim Morningstar, PhD, originator of Therapeutic Breathwork, shares three unique breathing techniques he has used to help jumpstart healing and growth with himself and his clients since the 1970s. To breathe is to live. How we breathe has a most profound influence on the quality of our lives. We breathe about 7 million breaths a year and the long-term effects of poor breathing are cumulative. Click on the link to sign up and receive the three free videos each demonstrating ways to enhance your vitality and more:

Meditation on World Harmony: Love Matters

Jim Morningstar shares: Meditation for World Harmony: Love Matters. Using the power of your breathe and your intention you can contribute to the energetic shift of the planet. Encircle the earth with a harmonizing energy which helps us all breathe as One. This meditation is part of Jim’s Being and Living the Love you Are nine session video course. For information: see below and

Using Breathwork to jumpstart yourself and your clients

Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of the Transformations Breathwork Training Program, has been using breath awareness and breath modification techniques successfully with counseling and therapy clients since the 1970’s. He shares some of what he has found most useful in using Breathwork to jumpstart your life and your work with clients.
Breathing is a vital function common to us all and it is particularly instrumental in facilitating work with our clients. First in establishing rapport with them. Second in helping our clients truly take in what we have to offer them most effectively. And third as a tool for self regulation they can begin using after your first session with them. For training contact:

A Meditation on Being and Living the Love You Are

Join Jim Morningstar in a meditation to open your being to living in love,
to let your fears melt in the radiance and warmth of pure compassion for all life as sacred, to let your mind be transfixed by the essence of pure light to reflect the truth and beauty in all, to let your heart surrender to your Beloved who holds you in the arms of unconditional acceptance and trust, and to be infused with the passion of love’s most powerful calling back to the Home that restores your wholeness and dissolves all illusion of separation or lack. You can join Jim on a nine month journey in the spirit of love to transform your experience of life.