Prosperity Meditation for Your Daily Life

Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares a two and a half minute centering exercise for affirming prosperity in your daily life. This is an excellent way to begin your day by training your mind to find the treasures with you and in your world. This meditation is the beginning of the Creative Life Series Seminar #3: Prosperity which is a comprehensive handbook on abundance consciousness.

The positive polarity of the Empathetic Nurturing life

The positive polarity of the Empathetic Nurturing life theme shows strengths and core qualities which include the ability to be empathetic, serene, and to love directly from the heart. An individual with this theme can be a person of high intelligence and articulate with a sensitivity to injustice. They are light, approachable and warm with a yielding and receptive manner. Empathetic and compassionate with self and others, confident in their inner source, they have the ability to be happy and feel abundant with what they have. They are good in helping professions, do not over identifying with others and able to care for themselves.
The negative polarity of this theme is most frequently associated with depression and a fear of abandonment and dependency. Inner rage over feeling abandoned is coupled with a denial of having any needs, therefore the individual responds as either overly self-reliant or excessively needy. Deep-seated feelings of loneliness, and the fear of being alone, are met with disappointment and helplessness. There is a tendency to feel misunderstood. The lifelong strategy is a constant search for the place, person, event and situation, who or which, will meet their needs – reliving fears about inability to survive alone.

Breathing Life into Mud

Breathe: The Universe is taking care of everything else

Without our divine spirit we are simply a collection of molecules made up of a rather small sample of elements on our planet. The Bible suggests that human life was initiated by God’s breathing life into mud. I see this as a symbol of the creative act that puts our spirit into our cells and makes them a living body. Our breath is both a symbol and a vehicle to life mastery. Read More.

Psychic Sensitive Body Themes

Those with psychic sensitive body themes can live in a world of fear for their safety or become great contributors to our world with their artistry. In this clip from his training video, Jim Morningstar, PhD, explains how many individuals from birth, or even before, develop neurological and psychological patterns that can influence all of their life either negatively or positively. Therapeutic Breathwork can be of great assistance in helping shape the difference.

How Breathwork was Reborn in the Modern World

Why and how did the study of mastering our breathing become popular again? Pioneers of the modern breathwork movement began to experiment in the hot tubs of California in the early 1970’s. Their life changing discoveries lead to a revival of popular and professional interest in both ancient techniques and new advances in healing, peak performance and spiritual renewal. The keys: focused breath and intention.