Introduction to Breathwork and Healing Trauma

Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces the healing of trauma with the use of breathwork and other incisive clinical techniques. He defines trauma, states likely causes and different categories of trauma as well as identifying those most likely to be severely effected by the traumatic events we all experience at some time in our life.

Breathing Life into Mud

Breathe: The Universe is taking care of everything else

Without our divine spirit we are simply a collection of molecules made up of a rather small sample of elements on our planet. The Bible suggests that human life was initiated by God’s breathing life into mud. I see this as a symbol of the creative act that puts our spirit into our cells and makes them a living body. Our breath is both a symbol and a vehicle to life mastery. Read More.

How Breathwork was Reborn in the Modern World

Why and how did the study of mastering our breathing become popular again? Pioneers of the modern breathwork movement began to experiment in the hot tubs of California in the early 1970’s. Their life changing discoveries lead to a revival of popular and professional interest in both ancient techniques and new advances in healing, peak performance and spiritual renewal. The keys: focused breath and intention.

Two types of breathing that can change your life

the first allows you to calm and nurture yourself throughout the day in dealing with the challenges of everyday existence. I call this “maintenance breathing.” The second type of breathing brings you back to being centered and resourceful when under high stress or even crisis. This is called “therapeutic breathwork.” Both can be learned and practiced by anyone.

Balance Your Brain and Your Body with this Simple…

Balance your brain and your body with this simple exercise that takes three minutes or less. It has been employed by yogis for thousands of years and is just as effective today. It’s called Alternate Nostril Breathing. The accompanying recording by Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives exact instructions on how to harmonize both sides of your brain and bring you to a calm centered state.

Two Vital Breathing Exercises for You

These two free breathing exercises give you the basics of what I call “maintenance breathing” and “Therapeutic Breathwork.”
The first exercise helps you return to calm and ease in your daily life and is consonant with coherent and mindfulness breathing. The second exercise introduces you to a technique to help healing and emotional release as well as increasing your energy level and creative potential. Enjoy!

You are where you need to be, just breathe!

Transformations Breathwork Training Program is committed to helping you breathe easy right where you are. We will be posting tips, informative and inspirational articles and videos to help you and the world breathe easier. Check out this free 36 minute Introduction to Breathwork seminar from Jim Morningstar.