Transformations Mentoring Program: bringing the teacher to you
Mentors are now available to support you with any of our School of Integrative Psychology and Therapeutic Breathwork Training Program courses. Both individual and group mentoring can lend feedback and guidance to your coursework in Lifelong Learning, Certificate Programs or Continuing Education.
A listed mentor is a graduate of any course being mentored. A profile of the mentors is available by clicking on their name in the lists of mentors below. Mentors offer their services independently and are not employees or agents of Transformations. We maintain this site so you can find a mentor who is right for you.
You can schedule individual mentoring at any time or join a group mentoring program to enhance peer mutual learning and feedback. Select and contact a mentor to begin your process. Course materials and recordings are purchased from the Transformations web site. Time and costs and payments for the mentoring are handled directly with the mentor.
Review the profiles of the School of Integrative Psychology approved mentors regarding courses or programs of studies for which you would like assistance and contact them directly to arrange for mentoring. Contact the TBTP Mentors or Affiliates directly for mentoring with breathwork courses.
Alphabetical List of School of Integrative Psychology Mentors
Alphabetical List of Therapeutic Breathwork Training Program Mentors and Affiliates
Group Mentored Course Schedule

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