Course Design and Educational Philosophy
Course Design

The course materials are clear, integrated, in-depth and presented in a manner that is experiential. The heart and body are being engaged as well as the mind in this whole person approach.

Recordings of actual classes are listened to so that each student gets a feel of being in a collaborative learning atmosphere. The spontaneous reactions and questions of other students help spark creativity. Videos or DVDs are used when the physical demonstration of exercises is necessary to model their usage.

Learners participate in class exercises much the same as students in the seminar room by stoping the recording to do the exercises. They receive not only the benefit of the instructor's knowledge, but also the means to tap into their own cellular wisdom. This is the basis of true education, reaffirming our connection to the wisdom of the source of universal knowledge within us.

This format allows students and professionals to progress at their own rate with all the materials at their disposal.

Our Educational Philosophy

Transformations Incorporated has pioneered in holistic education. Founded by Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. in 1980, TI and its professional staff have offered courses designed to balance body, mind, emotions and spirit. Care givers have found this approach to revitalize their sense of purpose and teach experiential techniques that increase self care responsibility and vitality of themselves and those they serve.

A major tenant of holistic education and treatment is experiencing and practicing ourselves what we wish to share with others. The Transformations courses will put you in a class (audio and video) and invite you to respond as a participant. The more you engage and involve yourself, the more you will experience deeper levels of yourself and the more you will have to share with others. Thus personal and professional benefits are not mutually exclusive.

Continuing Education for Professionals

Increasing numbers of those in the helping professions are learning to enhance their self care as they develop their helping skills. This holistic approach to their profession is evidenced in both what they choose to study and how they elect to engage in the study. It is less acceptable just to sign up for a course of limited interest, take time off from work and incur the expenses involved just to fulfill continuing education requirements.

Transformations Continuing Education for professionals provides refreshing approaches to human dynamics and the process of change that are personally and professionally rewarding. By addressing body, mind, emotions and spirit in the healing and growth process, care givers increase their avenues of intervention and engage more of their client's healing resources. An essential factor in this is a sense of Purpose. This is not any particular dogma or formula from outside of ourselves. Purpose is rather a byproduct of harmonizing the body, intellect, emotions and spirit (that which animates or gives life to form). Denial of any one of these leads to symptoms of dysfunction, anxiety, depression, addictions and physical maladies.

Holistic education is our entree into helping others reestablish balance. We cannot give this to others, but we can help direct and inspire their healing and growth. To do this we need tools we ourselves use with facility and are able to teach. These are tools of self regulation that impact a greater level of responsibility to one's life. We as care givers can no longer use only one technique or even one philosophy. We must find and practice our own self-regulatory techniques and foster our own sense of purpose that grows from a well tended spirit. This is the goal of Transformations Incorporated Continuing Education courses.

Distance education increases the opportunity for deep reflection and application of principles that the time and space limits of on site workshops often do not. Professionals can set their own pace for each segment of the course materials. Audio and video recordings allow unlimited review of the materials and refresher sessions as one begins to apply exercises clinically. Many professionals report this form of study as superior to what they learn and retain from the traditional seminar or classroom setting.

We invite you to engage wholeheartedly in the coursework and in turn pass on to us and your colleagues the creative applications that result in your practice as a health care professional.

The Transformations home study program was an essential resource to me as a psychotherapist as it allowed me to learn the knowledge and skills of holistic methods at the convenience of my schedule, and I combined it with further on site training opportunities when I was able to travel. This course energized me to bring holistic techniques into my practice by accelerating and maintaining my learning.
Ron Rothchild, MSW, LCSW

I completed three years of study in Transformations' School of Integrative Psychology and earned a graduate certificate. Not only have these courses assisted me in my personal development, but also they have also greatly contributed to my professional body of knowledge. On countless occasions, while working as a social worker and psychotherapist, I have used SIP course content and materials to assist clients. This coursework is based on a holistic approach and has fit well with my treatment style. I believe this is an optimal method for fostering self actualization. Furthermore, I have been very pleased with the results. Interestingly, I have received numerous verbal and written affirmations from clients thanking me for my well rounded approach. They have expressed their gratitude for encouragement to view their issues, solutions, and lives from a holistic perspective. This speaks highly of the focus and methodology from this exciting, innovative and comprehensive training.
Mary E. Gerber, MSW, CICSW

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